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Central Sterile Water Systems

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The quality of water is important to the operation of sterile processing equipment. Water can actually be detrimental to washing, disinfection and sterilization equipment, and to the condition and life of surgical instruments, if it does not meet manufacturers’ specifications. Some of the systems that require high purity water include:

  • Automated Endoscope Reprocessors (AERs)
  • Stills and Steam Disinfection Boilers
  • Medical Washers / Disinfectors
  • Glassware Washers

Recently AAMI (Association of the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation) published ANSI/AAMI ST108:2023 Water for the Processing of Medical Devices, which replaces the AAMI TIR34 guidelines. The purpose of this standard is to establish quality criteria for various types of water utilized in the processing of medical devices. It also offers guidance on the appropriate times and contexts for the use of each water category. These standards are divided into three segments for medical device reprocessing: utility water, critical water and steam. Critical water is held to a higher level. This water is treated to ensure microorganisms and inorganic and organic material are removed and is used for the final rinse and for producing steam.

AAMI ST108 places significant importance on:

  • Proper Water System Design
  • Distribution Loop Design
  • Monitoring of the Water System
  • Routine Water Quality Testing
  • Routine Maintenance And Disinfection

Additional Items Required, W2 Systems can help develop in conjunction with Hospital staff::

  • A Water System Management Program
  • Cross-Functional Team With Assigned Responsibilities
  • Validation and Risk Assessment Protocols For The Water System

W2 Systems water filtration systems meet the AAMI ST108 water quality specifications for washers, disinfectors, glassware washers, steam boilers and final rinses. Our water systems combined with proper maintenance and monitoring will help you to meet the ST108 requirements.

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W2 Systems also provides a line of FDA cleared filters for sinks, showers and ice machines, which aid in infection control.