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Most Advanced Evaporation and Distillation Technologies in One Place

Looking for high-end evaporation technologies with low energy consumption and carbon footprint? Choose from a myriad of dependable heat transfer technologies and sizes that meet your unique requirements. Reach out to the team at W2 Systems, and get an evaporation system that works for you.

At W2 Systems, we offer the most efficient evaporation systems that come with remote control and run low on energy. Our EVALED® evaporators are designed to meet the varying requirements of clients belonging to different industries.

The EVALED® evaporators’ key points are:

All evaporators undergo a FAT (Factory Acceptance Test) with water during three days before installation.

Evaled Pc – Heat Pump

Industrial wastewater treatment becomes an opportunity for water recycling and precious materials recovery. Water and wastewater treatment units are particularly suitable when high-quality distillate is required.

PC is the Evaled® evaporators family that stands out from the others because of its flexibility, low energy consumption, and reliability. The heat pump vacuum evaporation allows for controlling problematic foaming phenomena, allowing total separation of metals and surfactants, giving high yield and quality in terms of distillate, with a significant reduction of COD.

PC range is available in two series using different heat transfer technologies:

Evaled Ac – Hot/cold Water

AC is the Evaled® evaporators family that takes advantage of excess hot water or steam readily available from co-generation or cooling plants. The use of the existing heating and cooling water provides a cost-effective solution by reducing operating costs.

The AC series is able to handle a variety of wastewater and, thanks to the forced circulation, reduction of fouling and scaling phenomena is achievable.

AC range is available in two series using different heat transfer technologies:

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W2 Systems is here to assist you with the most suitable evaporation technology options designed to meet your unique needs. Our team will be glad to discuss your requirements in detail and suggest to you the best technologies for your requirements. Connect with us at (415) 468-9858 today!

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