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Precipitation water treatment systems are used to remove chemicals, heavy metals, and other metal pollutants from wastewater. Metal precipitation water treatment systems utilize delicate processes that incorporates multiple removal mechanisms to extract metal sediment from water. This is a much-needed process because heavy metals like copper, lead, nickel, mercury, and cadmium are often present in industrial wastewaters. These heavy metals can be reduced to insoluble forms through the introduction of sulfides, hydroxides, or carbonate ions to the wastewater. Now reduced into insoluble precipitates, they can be safely filtered out of the wastewater, which can then be safely discharged once it’s been shown to contain low metal concentrations.

Chemical precipitation wastewater treatment is used for more than just heavy metal removal from wastewater. Similar processes are used for the removal of chemical byproducts in wastewater, as well, and our precipitation water treatment systems can be utilized for the removal of fluoride and other organic waste.

Our systems can also be used to determine the biological oxygen demand (BOD) and chemical oxygen demands (COD) of wastewater (two of the most important metrics by which we determine wastewater pollution levels).

Chemical and metal precipitation is a complex and design-intensive process requiring water testing, system function monitoring and fine-tuning of the system upon installation. At W2 Systems, we’re a full-service provider of chemical and metal precipitation water treatment systems. Because this is a complex process, we offer user-friendly system design, use the latest and greatest technology, and provide impeccable customer support for all installed systems.

Solids control, chemical efficiency and component life span are the focus of design in these systems. Make sure that you’re getting a system that will not only meet your needs, but one that will assure that system operators can control, adjust, and work with the system they will be caring for. Every system should be effective, efficient and easy to operate. Choose W2 Systems for all of your precipitation water treatment needs today! We are always available to help you learn more about your options and to provide tech support when you need it most.

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