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Process Filters

Dealing with poor filter performance, unacceptable lead times or high filtration costs?

You're not alone. All of our customers have come to us with one or more of these issues.

Our dedicated team of filtration experts are committed to:

Recommend, test and deliver solutions that meet your process filter requirements
Ship your filters faster than popular large vendors
Reduce your filtration costs through process design optimization and competitive pricing

Product Quick View

Explore our high quality cartridge, capsule and mini-capsule products that meet your filtration goals for liquids and gases.
  • Water
  • Raw ingredients
  • Intermediates
  • Fine and heavy chemicals
  • Final products
  • Process gases
  • Tank vents
For a more comprehensive list of filters, visit the Data Sheet Section below and search by your criteria.
  • 5-40 inches in nominal length
  • CIP and SIP
  • High temperature and high area models
  • 2-30 inches in nominal length
  • Available pre-sterilized
  • Nominal area 500 cm²
  • Available pre-sterilized


Filtration Need FilterMedia Device
Retention security for a W2 SystemsPPS FilterPESUntitled design (26)
Increased capacity for high bacteria loadDPPS FilterPESUntitled design (26)
Increased capacity for high particle loadHPPS FilterPESUntitled design (26)
High flow rateSPS Filter PESUntitled design (26)
Chemical compatibilityPNM FilterNylon 6,6Untitled design (26)
Tank vent & process gas: hydrophobic with chemical compatibilityPTM FilterPTFEUntitled design (26)
Tank vent & process gas: hydrophobic with high air flow and low pressure dropsPTR FilterPTFEUntitled design (25)

Bioburden Control

Reduce microbials in fluid with high particle countBPS FilterPESUntitled design (26)
Microbial reduction in solvents and chemicalsBNM FilterNylon 6,6Untitled design (26)
Reduce bioburden in tank vents & process gasBTM FilterPTFEUntitled design (26)

Ultrapure Water Filtration

Remove ultrafine particles in water, solvents, chemicalsENM FilterNylon 6,6Untitled design (25)
Remove fine particles in high purity chemicalsEPD FilterPolypro DepthUntitled design (26)
Remove fine and ultrafine particles in aqueous fluidsEPS FilterPESUntitled design (26)

Tank Vent & Process Gas

Remove fine particles in gas and non-aqueous liquids with chemical compatibilityETM FilterPTFEUntitled design (25)
Hydrophobic sterilizing filter with high air flow and low pressure dropsPTR Filter PTFEUntitled design (25)
Hydrophobic sterilizing filter with chemical compatibilityPTM FilterPTFECartridge and capsule drawing
Hydrophobic bioburden reduction with high flow and throughputBTM FilterPTFECartridge and capsule drawing

Bacteria/Yeast/Mold Retention

Filtration NeedFilterMedia Device
Reduce bacteria in fermented liquids, remove yeast and moldFPS FilterPESUntitled design (26)
Reduce bacteria in fermented liquids with heavy contaminant load, remove yeast and moldVPS FilterPESUntitled design (26)
Reduce bacteria in non-fermented liquids and water, remove yeast and moldFNM FilterNylon 6,6Untitled design (26)


Reduce particles in W2 SystemsBCWPS FilterPESUntitled design (26)
High contaminant holding, high flow ratesPGD FilterFiberglassUntitled design (26)
Fine particle retention for water, solvents and chemicalsPPD FilterPolypro DepthUntitled design (26)
High capacity of fine particle retentionHLP FilterPolypro DepthUntitled design (25)
Particle removal with low extractables to protect taste of food productsFPD FilterPolypro DepthUntitled design (26)
High contaminant holding capacity for food productsFGD FilterFiberglassUntitled design (26)
High capacity membrane for clarification and filling of food productsFCWPS FilterPESUntitled design (26)
Clarification of non-fermenting food productsFNM FilterNylon 6,6Untitled design (26)
Retention of high particle loads in food products to protect tasteFHLP FilterPolypro DepthUntitled design (25)

Ask us about our General Service filters.

W2 Systems Filtration offers economical, general service versions of the products listed above which can lower the total cost of filtration from simple to the most complex applications.

While General Service filters are not integrity tested or validated for retention, these highly efficient filters remove large amounts of contaminants early in the process to reduce the load on your more expensive downstream filters. They are also useful as stand-alone clarifying or particle removal filters in less W2 Systems.

Produced using the same quality materials and manufacturing excellence as our other product lines, you can be assured of their performance, dependability and scalability. Explore General Service Filters

Filter Housings

CPF Offers both Industrial and Sanitary housing options. Go to Datasheets

Filter Housings

When your process allows for functional or exact product equivalents to replace current filters, we offer high quality options and the required testing to ensure performance.

Looking for solutions to improve filtration performance?

If premature fouling plagues your filtration process and internal troubleshooting doesn’t resolve the situation, we can help.

There are many reasons for poor filtration performance – ranging from process changes, to filtration process design, to a wrongly specified filter.

Tell us what you'd like to improve and our Applications Engineers will recommend cost-effective solutions.