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Reverse Osmosis

Upgrade Your Supply Water Quality With W2 System’s Best-in-Class Reverse Osmosis Units

Does your supply water fail to meet the quality your home or business needs? The majority of water sources have heavy minerals and chemicals in them, making it damaging to fixtures, equipment and appliances, as well as impacting taste and odor; as well as inconsistent water quality, leading to changes in taste and quality seasonally, impacting product, water quality and taste. Say good riddance to these undesirable properties and significantly improve your water quality using our reverse osmosis filtration systems. At W2 Systems, we specialize in designing and engineering reliable and efficient water treatment systems for your particular application. Our turnkey solutions come complete with everything you need for ensuring water quality, reliability and is backed by our exceptional customer support system for any reverse osmosis water filter maintenance.

Save Cost With The Best Reverse Osmosis System With Incredible Efficiency

Our water filtration systems reverse osmosis solutions go beyond the function of eliminating unwanted properties from your supply water. W2’s reverse osmosis water filtration systems not only filter water, but do it at an extremely efficient rate to minimize wastewater. For every unit of filtered or permeate water extracted, typical reverse osmosis (RO) systems produce wastewater also known as ‘concentrate’ or ‘brine’ 4 times the amount of that quantity. Some systems with poor efficiency even go as high as a factor of 10 of wastewater production. These excessive levels of wastewater production can hurt your business, especially when the volume of water required is large. The best reverse osmosis systems from W2 Systems have been highly engineered to have unparalleled efficiency without compromising on treatment capacity and quality, and can help you minimize wastewater to better manage your resources and save substantial operating costs.

Why Choose a Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System From W2 Systems?

Product Flow RateSingle StageTwo Stage*
1 gpmRO1-1——-
3 gpmRO1-3——-
5 gpmRO1-5RO2-5
10 gpmRO1-10RO2-10
15 gpmRO1-15RO2-15
20 gpmRO1-20RO2-20
30 gpmRO1-30RO2-30
50 gpmRO1-50RO2-50
70 gpmRO1-70RO2-70
100 gpmRO1-100RO2-100
150 gpmRO1-150RO2-150
200 gpmRO1-200RO2-200
* Two Stage RO units will treat product water from stage 1 again, in order to produce higher quality, more pure water the permeate is retreated through a high reject membrane to create best possible product quality.

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